Best Candle Fragrance Oils for the Best Throw

Best Candle Fragrance Oils

If you are looking to create your own handmade candles, you’re going to need the best candle fragrance oils available to provide your candles with not only the best cold scent throw, but more importantly the best hot scent throw.

The last thing you want is to create a candle that barely provides any fragrance radiance when you light it up.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best candle fragrance oils that we, and many others, have tested out. These oils will let you create the best-smelling soy, beeswax, or any other type of candles you want.

Best Candle Fragrance Oils
Mixture 6oz Soy Red & Green Magnum Votives by MixtureUSA

Not only that, but these fragrance oils can also be used to make bath soaps, lotions, reed diffusers and more! They’re all very potent, meaning they will create a long-lasting fragrance, giving you the most bang for your buck.

Best Candle Fragrance OilsRatingPurchase
Strawberry Premium Fragrance Oil5/5Buy Now
Ocean Breeze Premium Grade Fragrance Oil4.5/5Buy Now
CandleScience Love Spell Candle Fragrance4.5/5Buy Now
Gardenia Premium Grade Fragrance Oil4.5/5Buy Now
CandleScience Candle Scent Lavender4/5Buy Now (My personal favorite).
  1. CandleScience Lavender Candle Fragrance Oil

Best Candle Fragrance Oils 1

The CandleScience Lavender fragrance oil works best in creating soy candles, but are also compatible with other candle bases.

This fragrance will help you create candles that provide your home with a relaxing, long-lasting, and tranquil scent.

The scent reaches a wide radius around the home. What’s great about this lavender oil is that while it does provide the fresh scent of lavender around the house, it isn’t too overpowering to the point of being repelling.

I love to use lavender-scented candles while taking a long, hot bath or when I just need a dose of aroma therapy to relax me at the end of the day. This lavender scent is a staple in my household and when guests come over, they always compliment the smell of my home.

You can buy the lavender-scented oil here!





  1. CandleScience Love Spell Candle Fragrance Oil

Best Candle Fragrance Oils 2

While the lavender-scented fragrance oil may be my favorite to make candles with, this Love Spell fragrance oil from CandleScience is also very strong contender.

The love spell oil provides a mixture of many wonderful smells, including: Orange, Grapefruit, Cherry Blossom, Hydrangea, Blondewood, Apple, and Peach! It’s jam-packed with all of those different smells and they’re all blended very well.

These will make wonderful candles, but not only that, they are also perfect if you know how to make scented perfumes or bath soaps.

Now I’m not familiar with the store, but many customers have said that this fragrance oil smells almost identical to a scented perfume from Victoria’s Secret under the same name “Love Spell”.

As with all of CandleScience’s fragrance oils, this one provides a strong scent for your candles, both with the cold throw and the hot throw.

It’ll give your home a fresh, fruity, and sweet smell. For some of you, it’ll be a wonderful scent (I love it), but for others who don’t want something that smells too girly, you probably want to just skip this fragrance oil for now. That’s not to say that the scent is too overpowering with its colorful scent, but it may be a turn-off for those of you who just want something more simple and subtle.

You can buy the love spell-scented oil here!





  1. Strawberry Premium Grade Candle Fragrance Oil

Best Candle Fragrance Oils Strawberry Premium Fragrance OIl

This Strawberry fragrance oil smells divine. It works really well with soy candles, but of course works great with any candle base. It also works well in making soaps or lotions, which is what I primarily use it for.

What I love about this fragrance oil is that when they say “premium grade”, they really mean it. This oil helps you create candles that give your house the scent of real fresh strawberries, not that fake, synthetic garbage you get from other manufactured products.

Also with this premium oil, thanks to its concentration, you’ll be able to create candles that have a long lasting scent with just a tiny dosage of this product. Just putting one drop of this oil on anything will leave it smelling like fresh strawberries for weeks. That’s how potent this fragrance oil is.

You can buy the Strawberry Premium Grade Candle Oil here!





  1. Gardenia Premium Grade Candle Fragrance Oil

Best Candle Fragrance Oils Gardenia Premium Fragrance Oil

This gardenia oil includes a subtle mixture of jasmine, strawberry, grape, lilac, hyacinth, narcissus, balsam, violet, and various wood scents.

Even though this isn’t a pure gardenia scented fragrance oil, it still smells really great around the home. All of the other notes in this oil mesh well together to create a nice, fresh floral and nature-filled scent throughout your home.

Like all of the other oils on this list, this fragrance helps create candles with both a strong cold throw and a strong hot throw.

You can buy the Gardenia Premium Grade Candle Oil here!





  1. Ocean Breeze Premium Grade Candle Fragrance Oil

Ocean Breeze Premium Grade Candle Fragrance Oil

This Ocean Breeze fragrance oil has a mixture of floral, citrus, muguet, jasmine, hyacinth, rose, carnation, and narcissus scents.

This scent smells great by itself, offering a variety of scents that will make your home smell clean and fresh.

This oil smells great by itself, but what’s pretty cool about it is that it works wonders when paired with another fragrance oil, like the Gardenia fragrance oil listed above.

This is one of those oils that you can use to mix and match with other oils to create a magnificent scent.

You can buy the Ocean Breeze oil here for!






Those are the top 5 best candle fragrance oils that’ll help you produce some wonderful, strong, handmade candles of your own.

They work great on their own, or you can be very creative and mix and match oils to create your own unique scent. Now there are plenty of other great fragrance oils out there and while many of them didn’t make our list, they were very strong contenders.

We will continually be adding more candle fragrance oils as we do some more testing, so while we’re doing that, why don’t you try some of these fragrance oils out for yourself and see how you like them!

Happy candle making!