Best Quality Silk Flowers

Best Quality Silk Flowers 1

Flowers are an amazing way to bring some new life into your home, but some of us, rather than having a green thumb, have the touch of death and any living plants we try to care for end up wilting away.

Thank goodness for silk flowers! The best quality silk flowers look almost as a great as real flowers, except we don’t have to worry about accidentally murdering them.

With silk flowers, you can mix-and-match them all year round to give your home decor a more seasonal vibe, with warm silk flower arrangements to brighten up your springs/summers and cool/neutral silk flower arrangements to add extra elegance to your winters.

Best Quality Silk Flowers 1
Silk Flower Arrangements (White) by
NameColorsRatingBuy it Now
Silk Hydrangeas BouquetBest Quality Silk Flowers Silk Hydrangeas BouquetChampagne, Milk White, Green, Purple, Pink, Blue.4.5/5Buy now!
Vintage Silk PeoniesBest Quality Silk Flowers Vintage PeoniesBeige & Pink, Coffee, Dark Pink, Hot Pink, Hot Pink + Purple, Light Pink, Light Purple + Blue, Purple, White + Green.5/5Buy now!
Silk Calla Lily Flower ArrangementEforcase-Nearly-Natural-13-Calla-Lily-Artificial-Flowers-Arrangement-Art-for-Wedding-Bridal-Bouquet-or-Home-Decorations-Indoors-Outdoors20-Psc-White-Flower-Purple-core-0-2Purple, White, White Flower + Purple Core.4/5Buy now!
Silk Roses Flower Arrangement
Best Quality Silk FLowers Silk Roses
Comes in 3 varieties
Red, White, Yellow, Pink (in a variety of assortments).5/5Buy now! (My personal favorite).
Baby’s Breath Flower ArrangementBest Quality Silk Flowers Baby's BreathWhite3/5Buy now!

We have compiled a list of 5 of the best quality silk flowers we have come across and all 5 will look wonderful in any type of home setting.

  1. Silk Hydrangeas Bouquet

Best Quality Silk Flowers Silk Hydrangeas Bouquet
Pick from 7 different colors

I’ve always loved Hydrangeas and this silk hydrangeas bouquet is a great way for me to keep one of my favorite flowers around my home all year round.

This bouquet comes in 7 different colors, including cream, blue, champagne, green, pink, purple, or red. You can pick the ones that would be best fit for the color scheme of your home.

Heck, these are so cheap, you can purchase a couple of bouquets and mix and match the colors. My favorite arrangement is the blue and cream-colored hydrangeas mixed-and-matched together.

With this bouquet, you’ll get 5 big heads of hydrangea. When I say big, I mean big. Each head measures 7”, so you’re going to need somewhat of a big vase to fit them all.

Of course when picking out the vase, clear vases are usually a safe bet considering how colorful some of these arrangements are, but ultimately the choice is up to you.

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  1. Vintage Silk Peonies

Best Quality Silk Flowers Vintage Peonies
Available in 9 different varieties

Continuing on with our choices of best quality silk flowers, we have these selections of vintage peonies.

They come in 6 different color varieties, including cameo nrown, coffee, dark pink, light pink, purple, and spring.

One of these bouquets come with 13 heads of silk peonies attached to 5 plastic stems. Just a warning that most sellers of these peonies usually take about 2 weeks to even a month to deliver your product. It’s a long wait, but it’s well worth it.

Unlike the hydrangeas, these peonies will be able to fit in small, tall vases.

Vintage Silk Peonies





  1. Silk Calla Lily Flower Arrangement

Best Quality Silk Flowers Calla Lily
Available in 12 different colors

Now onto these absolutely gorgeous silk calla lily flower arrangements.

You can purchase a set of silk calla lilies in 12 different colors, including:

  1. Light pink
  2. Pink
  3. Light Green
  4. Purple with a white core
  5. White with a purple core
  6. Red
  7. Yellow
  8. Green/Brown
  9. White with a white core
  10. White with a yellow core
  11. Wine red
  12. Yellow red

Any of the selections are beautiful, although I’m more biased towards the white calla lilies with the purple core.

Now of course these flowers look good in an arrangement by themselves, but they also look beautiful mixed-and-matched with other flowers, whether it’d be different colors of the calla lilies themselves put together, or a mixture of calla lilies and hydrangeas. You can get very creative with these.

While these aren’t real calla lilies, they’re still vibrant and high quality and you’re guests will be impressed by them.

A batch of these flowers comes in 20 pieces.

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  1. Silk Roses Flower Arrangement

Best Quality Silk FLowers Silk Roses
Comes in 3 varieties

Of course, you can’t have a list of best quality silk flowers without a bouquet of silk roses. While this arrangement may be more expensive than the others, it’s also one of the most beautiful.

These roses are absolutely stunning and the quality is amazing. I love these silk rose bouquets best when it’s mixed and matched with red, white, and pink roses, but there are also arrangements of only yellow roses, pink roses, or red roses available depending on your taste.

Any selection you choose, you won’t regret. Each arrangement also comes with its own vase and liquid-illusion water.

A bouquet of these silk roses can be pretty expensive, but they look so beautiful and the fact that they can last very, very long makes up for the cost.

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  1. Baby’s Breath Flower Arrangement

Best Quality Silk Flowers Baby's Breath

This baby’s breath bouquet looks beautiful stand-alone, or you can use the individual pieces to improve the appearance of your other flower arrangements, which is what I love to do. I personally use them to give my lucky bamboo flowers a bit of an upgraded look.

They also look beautiful paired up with red roses or cool-colored hydrangeas.

Baby’s breath are commonly used at weddings due to their simple, yet elegant nature, but it can also revitalize the living spaces of your home.

The white appearances of these flowers in a simple light, clear, or wooden vase can make a whole room shine even brighter.

At night time, accompanied by the glow of some white-colored candles, these baby’s breath flower arrangements will look heavenly anywhere around the house.

These silk baby’s breath bouquet’s are actually well priced, and they come in  a set of 30. They have so much utility that it’s practically a steal.

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Those are the 5 best quality silk flowers I have come across.

These simple and inexpensive flower arrangements are a great way to give your home some extra life without all of the maintenance of real flowers.

You’ll save a lot of money compared to having to go out and buy fresh, new flowers every week to improve your home.

Plus all of these arrangements are created with the utmost, best quality so even your guests will have a hard time distinguishing the silk versions of these flowers from the real ones.

I encourage you to get a little creative with these flowers, especially the lesser expensive flowers like silk hydrangeas, peonies, and calla lilies. You’ll have a lot of fun creating your own customized flower bouquets.