Best Silk Pillowcase for Better Hair and Better Skin

Best Silk Pillowcase

The best silk pillowcase can work wonders for your hair and your skin. The cool, breathable pillowcase will create a very comfortable and rejuvenating experience for you while you sleep.

When you make the change to silk pillowcases, your hair will be less dry, less frizzy, and less likely to become a mess when you wake up in the morning.

Your face will also be more smooth in the mornings and sleeping on silk pillowcases for a long period of time will actually have anti-aging effects for you, helping prevent wrinkles.

These pillowcases are also much cooler to sleep on, so you’ll be flipping your pillow over less often, if at all.

Best Silk Pillowcase

Here is a list of the best silk pillowcase we have come across so far:

Best Silk PillowcaseRatingPurchase
Alaska Bear® Natural Silk Pillowcase5/5Buy Now
Fishers Finery 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase5/5Buy Now (My personal favorite).
Soft Silker Silk Pillowcase4.5/5Buy Now
Silver 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase4.5/5Buy Now
Texere Solid Silk Pillowcase5/5Buy Now
  1. Alaska Bear 100% silk pillowcase

Best silk pillowcase Alaska Bear 100 percent silk pillowcase

The Alaska Bear silk pillowcase is made of 100% mulberry silk. It’s very soft, smooth, and comfortable to sleep on.

It has breathable fibers, making it very cool to sleep on.

It comes in over 12 different colors, so there will be one that will match your bedroom décor.

What makes this an amazing buy is that each of these pillowcases are handmade, not machine produced!

But of course, such a high quality product does have a bit of high maintenance to upkeep too.

In order to clean this silk pillowcase, you can’t just throw it in the washer/dryer and be done with it. You have 3 options; you can throw it in the washer by itself using cold water and neutral pH soap, hand wash it using neutral pH soap, or have your dry cleaners take care of it.

You also shouldn’t have to worry about this product wrinkling because silk tends to smooth out by itself, but if you do feel you need to iron your new product, set your iron on the low heat setting.

Silk pillowcases also have a tendency to slip off pillows easily, so Alaska Bear has included hidden zippers in their pillowcases to insure your new pillowcase will always stay on.

The measurements of these pillowcasess are 20in x 30in (51cm x 76cm) and are designed for both standard and queen sized pillows.

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  1. Fishers Finery 100% silk pillowcase

Fishers Finery Best Silk Pillowcase

This pillowcase is made up of 100% silk charmeuse 19mm, which means it has about a 600 thread count.

This pillowcase is also hypoallergenic, making it a perfect fit for those of us who have annoying allergy problems.

Unlike the Alaska Bear pillowcase however, this pillowcase doesn’t come with an enclosing zipper. It does, however, come with an envelope-style closing so it won’t be slipping off your pillow every night   .

This pillowcase, thanks to its 600 thread count, is very, very soft compared to the others on the list.  You will absolutely love sleeping on this.

Like the other pillowcases on this list, this product will help promote healthy hair and beautiful skin overtime.

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  1. Soft Silker 100% silk pillowcase

Soft Silker The Best Silk Pillowcase

Another amazing pillowcase made up of 100% mulberry silk. What’s also great about this pillowcase is that it’s much easier to wash than the others. Just throw it in the washer using cold water and any soap, and hang dry to finish.

This pillowcase comes in 12 different colors and comes with an envelope enclosure to make sure it stays wrapped around your pillows at all times.

It has all the other benefits of the other silk pillowcases, such as being hypoallergenic and being breathable too.

You don’t have to worry about this pillow giving you split ends or frizz unlike cotton pillowcases. This pillowcase doesn’t draw moisture away from your hair or face.

Over time, with all of the beauty and health benefits this pillowcase gives you, you’ll get your money’s worth and more.

Soft Silker 100% silk pillowcase






  1. Feeling Pampered 100% Silk Pillowcase

Feeling Pampered best silk pillowcases

This pillowcase is made up of 100% silk charmeuse, 19mm. It only comes in silver, whereas the others offer at least a dozen varieties.

It comes with an envelope enclosure as well, making it harder for your pillows to slide out of it.

This product is very soft, very cool, and very comfortable to sleep on. Plus, it reduces frizz and split ends when you sleep on it, compared to cotton pillowcases that leave you feeling dry and looking like a mess when you wake up.

What I like about this specific pillowcase, compared to the similar one from Fishers Finery, is that it comes with a nifty little Organza pouch that makes it easier to pack your pillowcase to take with you on trips. That way you can always have a beautiful, high-quality silk pillowcase to take with you to hotels so you don’t have to subject your skin and hair to their harsh pillowcases.

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  1. TexereSilk Solid Silk Pillowcase

Texeresilk best silk pillowcase

This pillowcase is made up of 100% silk charmeuse, 22mm, making it very, very soft compared to the others on the list.

It’s also available in 12 colors, most of them a type of pastel.

It’s designed with an envelope enclosure like silk pillowcases #2-#4, and has all of the benefits of them as well, including being highly breathable and hypoallergenic.

Mainly, the reason this pillow might be the best silk pillowcase compared to the others on this list is because the 22mm fabric makes it more softer and more breathable than the rest.

But of course, that means this pillowcase comes with a slightly higher price tag too.

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That’s our list of the best silk pillowcase you can purchase. All of them have the benefits you should be looking for in your pillowcases, including being hypoallergenic, being highly breathable, being made of 100% silk and not just some polyester blend, and being beneficial to your skin and hair.

Once you’ve tried sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you’ll never want to sleep on any other type of pillowcase again.

These things are miracle workers and you’ll wake up every morning knowing what beauty sleep really means.